Península Valdés

An experience to fully know the Península Valdés region!

We leave early in the morning heading north towards the Protected Natural Area of Peninsula Valdés.

After an hour of travel we arrive at the first stop which is the Carlos Ameghino Interpretation Center where we can have a panorama of the fauna and flora that we will see throughout our walk.

After visiting the interpretation center we go directly to Puerto Pirámides where we will do the traditional whale watching (June-December) or in the summer months the marine fauna watching (January-March)

We continue visiting the Punta Pirámides sea lion where we can see the reproductive colony of one-haired sea lions, along with the panoramic views of the viewpoints of the place.

Then we leave for Punta Cantor to observe the outer coast of the peninsula, the incredible geographical accident of Caleta Valdés, a colony of Magellanic penguins and the incredible views that the coast gives us.

From there we start the return to Puerto Madryn where we will have the chance to observe guanacos, choiques, foxes, maras, piches, owls and skunks in their natural habitat.



Season: June to March.

Difficulty: low-medium

Estimated time: 8 hours

Departure time: 07.30 / 08.00

Route: 400 km (200 km x asphalt / 200 km x gravel)


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