Diving with sea lions and much more

Diving and snorkeling with sea lions is one of the experiences that will remain marked for a lifetime.


The city of Puerto Madryn, declared the national capital of diving, offers different alternatives, among which is snorkeling with one-haired sea lions at the Punta Loma station, located 15 km from the city.

In the case of this experience, we left Puerto Madryn at high tide. After a navigation of about 20 minutes we arrive at the area demarcated by prefecture to be able to interact with these friendly animals, which either with snorkel or autonomous equipment, will make you enjoy an amazing experience that gives you direct contact with one of the most beautiful mammals. sociable in our area.


The excursion has a total duration of 3 hours, with 45 minutes of interaction in the water, which means that you do not have knowledge of swimming (the wetsuit gives you guaranteed buoyancy)

Main attractions: Punta Loma Reserve (direct interaction with sea lions, unique experience in the world).

Estimated time: 3 hours in total // Only for people over 6 years old.

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