Visit Punta Loma and Puerto Madryn city!

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is organized at low tide.

We cross the coast, the mining and cruise ship docks, concluding it in the Punta Indio viewpoint area, next to the monument of the Tehuelche Indian, a former inhabitant of this area (Excellent vantage point)

Then we continue to Playa Paraná, to arrive after a few kilometers at Playa Paraná and finally arrive at the Punta Loma sea lion, a continental winter roost for fur sea lions.

Here we can observe the colonies of adults and juveniles from the cliffs prepared as balconies / viewpoints where the nests and flights of the black cormorants are observed.

After this we return to Puerto Madryn either in the afternoon or in the morning according to the tide.

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