Walk through the Chubut River Valley!

This tour is ideal to get to know and explore in depth the Chubut River Valley (Virch), its customs and culture.

We leave the city of Puerto Madryn at around 11:00 am towards the mouth of the Chubut River. Playa Unión is our first stop, visiting its small fishing port.

From this point, the guide will begin to tell about Welsh culture and the Chubut River Valley, touring its beautiful landscapes.

Later we will pass through the city of Trelew, where we will make a stop in the main square and we will be able to visit the Egidio Feruglio paleontological museum, considered the most important in Latin America.

Finally we go to Gaiman, a small Welsh colony represented by its small chapels built by its first settlers, where we have the option of taking the famous Welsh Tea (optional).

The price of this tour does not include options such as museum admission and Welsh tea.

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