Enjoy in the beach while you can see whales approaching! HALF A DAY tour

This excursion depends on the time of high tide that occurs in the area as we are heading north from the city of Puerto Madryn, about 19 km.

Today July 21, 2021, Pancho took us to Doradillo Puerto Madryn, a great experience, he did not let us go until we saw the whales up close. It was a personalized tour. I wait for us with water and a chocolate on the seats. They do not rush us at any time. Do not hesitate for a second this is the agency you want for your excursions in Madryn.


We will visit for the course of 2 to 3 hours the viewpoint of Punta Flecha and beach the quarries from where we will have excellent views of adult and newborn specimens.

The excursion varies with the course of the months since at the beginning of the season we see the adult specimens and then the mothers with their calves.

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